RackTools® 3.5 FAQ

Q: What additional software is required to use RackTools® 3.5?
A: No additional software is required!

Q: How do I export drawings into AutoCAD?
A: From the menu bar, Select File | Save As, and change the file type to the appropriate version of AutoCAD

Q: Can I open drawings created in RackTools® 2.5a in RackTools® 3.5?
A: RackTools® 3.5 does not support drawings created in RackTools® 2.5a, or other earlier versions.

Q: How do I add a rackmountable component to my RackTools® drawing?
A: To create a new rackmounted product, use the Add Product wizard. Select Tools | Add Product or click on the Add Product button in the toolbar.
In the User Defined Products dialog, enter the details for the product you are creating, namely:
  • Manufacturer - select from dropdown or click on Add Manufacturer
  • Part Number - select from dropdown or click on Add Product
  • Description (optional)
  • Rack Spaces (height of product in Rackspaces)
  • Depth (in inches)

    When you click on the OK button, the product you have specified will appear in the Products Library under the “User Defined” root.

Q: I am getting pricing as zero. How do I get retail pricing?
A: You must register RackTools® to receive pricing. When you start RackTools® you will be invited to log in. When you start RackTools®, click on the ‘Not Registered’ link to complete your log in information, and for authorization to receive pricing.

A new user will receive an email after registration from info@middleatlantic.com. This email contains a link to activate new accounts. Be sure to click the link to activate your account. Once your account is activated pricing will be accessible within RackTools®. Note: you must restart RackTools® after account activation and log in to access pricing.

Q: How do I add a new Custom rackshelf to the database?
A: If you cannot find a RSH for the product in use, you can create a new RSH by clicking the Add New button in the Custom Rackshelves dialog. If required, add the Manufacturer and Product Part Number, then specify the following:
Description (optional)

  • Face Height (in inches).
  • Face width (in inches).
  • Foot Height (in inches).
  • Component Depth
    Note: All dimensions must be accurate within 1/32”

Q: Where are the Custom rackshelves in RackTools®?
A: Custom Rackshelves are located at the top of the product list. There is no drop down menu associated with this product. Simply click the words “Custom Rackshelves” and drag it over to the screen.

Q: How do I add shipping info to my PO’s?
A: Use File | Project Properties and type the info in client information.

Q: I am a direct Middle Atlantic Products dealer. Why am I only getting retail pricing?
A: Check to make sure you are using the purchase order report. If you are, send an email to racktoolshelp@middleatlantic.com we will manually update your RackTools® to receive this option.

Q: How do I bring my own drawing into RackTools®?
A: RackTools® 3.5 works off AutoCAD drawings (i.e. DWG, DXF and so forth). To bring one of these into your RackTools® drawing click File | Open, then select the appropriate file type in the pop-up window. Select the desired file and click open. Your file will now be in your drawing.

Q: Should I backup my User Defined Products?
A: It is recommended that you Export and Save a copy of your User Defined Products frequently to an external media format or network drive.

Q: How do I backup and share my User Defined Products?
Export and Save:
A: Go to File>>User Defined Products>>Export …Choose Desktop as the location to save, now choose a name for the saved data file and click save. Check Desktop to confirm the file is there. Now close RackTools.
A: Go to File>> User Defined Products>> Import in the "Look in" drop down, select the location where the database file is located. Select the file and click "Open". Your “User Defined Products” are now imported into your RackTools program and you can use as before.

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